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Tooling training slides

Here at Adsmurai we are investing a considerable amount of time and effort to learn and teach what we already know in order to become better professionals. Every week someone takes the teacher role and tells us about some interesting topic. Having everyone involved in the training process ensures that all the members of the team have ownership, and that they not only learn in a passive way, but...

How to generate secure SSH keys

SSH Login Check Scanner, Hydra, Xhydra, Ncrack, NMap, and so on… These are some hacking tools which allow anyone to scan networks and exploit users and passwords using brute force attacks. In fact, these tools are really easy to use, so everyone could hack your servers more easily if they use plain user and password to authenticate users than with key-based authentication, so… how can you...

Adsmurai at the International PHP Conference (IPC)

Hello Munich! This October, Adsmurai had the occasion to attend the International PHP Conference (IPC), which took place in Munich, Germany, from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th, and we were thrilled to be there. After all, the IPC brings together hundreds of enthusiastic and talented developers (both attendants and speakers) from all parts of the world, so it was a huge opportunity for us to both...

Hello World!

Hi there, We want to present you our new and shinny technical blog 🙂 Here we will share some of our technical decisions and how we face some problems or challenges regarding to software engineering, devops or computer vision technologies. In Adsmurai, an advertising company, we are creating software to make the life of our account managers and clients easier. Since 2010 we are developing products...

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